SAP FICO Training Tutorial: Learn SAP FI & SAP CO (FICO) Modules

Finance and Cost controlling module in SAP ERP we called FICO where FI stands for Financial Accounting and CO stands for Controlling. SAP FICO Training covers all business process in very robustly and use of SAP FICO almost encountered in various industries. It is one of the very important and widely implemented modules in SAP.

  1. Knowledge of Accounting
  2. Knowledge of SAP

Key Point of SAP Content

  1. SAP Introduction
  2. Basic Settings
  3. General Ledger
  4. Accounts Payable
  5. Accounts Receivable
  6. Asset Accounting
  7. Controlling
  8. Internal Orders
  9. Profit Centre Accounting (PCA)
  10. ProfitaFICOlity Analysis (CO-PA)
  11. Product Costing
  12. Integration
  13. Reports
  14. Real Time Scenarios
  15. General Views
  16. Retailing (Industry add-on)

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